An Overview of the Different Kinds of Headaches

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Headaches can put a damper on anyone’s day. Some headaches come and go very quickly, while others come on slowly and the intensity gradually increases. Knowing what type of headache you have can make a difference in what kind of treatment you need to get rid of a headache and keep it from recurring.Headache Specialist Las Vegas

The following are some types of headaches and the treatments that work best:

  • Tension headaches are very common; in fact, they are the most common type of headache that people get. The symptoms are pressure or throbbing around the temples, and at the back of the head and neck.

This type of headache doesn’t normally cause severe symptoms, like vomiting and can be treated with over the counter medications. Most tension headaches can be eliminated with a dose of ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, or acetaminophen.

  • Migraine headaches can be genetic; testing can be done using certain criteria to determine if this is the case. There isn’t a known case for migraines, but it is suspected that they are triggered by certain things that cause abnormal brain activity, and in turn, the blood vessels in the brain change.Migraine Specialist las Vegas

Migraine pain can run from mild to severe and the pain is usually described as throbbing. This type of headache can last from a few hours to several days and occurrences can happen several times per month.

Some of the symptoms of a migraine include nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite; an upset stomach; sensitivity to light or noise; dizziness; and sometimes blurred or distorted vision.

There is no cure for migraines; however, medications can be taken to control or prevent an onset of the headache. Some of the medications that are prescribed are aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for mild cases. Many of the over the counter medications have a specific migraine formula. Triptans and Ergots are medications that a doctor can prescribe for more severe migraine cases.

  • Sinus headaches occur when a person experiences a cold or a sinus infection. The sinuses become inflamed and can cause pain in the cheekbones, noseMigraine Clinic Las Vegas area, and forehead. Most often, if a sinus infection is present, an antibiotic will be prescribed and once sinus symptoms starting clearing up the headache will go away. If taking an antibiotic, a person should also be able to take an over the counter NSAID for the headache pain, but always consult with a physician first.
  • Cluster headaches occur more often in men than women. The pain can be severe and debilitating and occurs on one side of the head or behind one of the eyes. Other symptoms that come along with the headache might include nasal congestion and watery eyes.

headache doctor Las VegasA cluster headache is very discomforting and can be severe, more so than a migraine. The headaches can come on several times a day and recur over several days in clusters. There are several ways that a physician might treat a cluster headache, including prescribing Triptans, giving oxygen, injecting Octreotide, or a local anesthetic through a nasal spray among other things. In very rare cases, surgery can be done on the nerve pathway that affects the cluster headaches.

Knowing how to differentiate headache pain can help in getting rid of a headache the proper way. There are many different over the counter and prescription medications that can make living with headaches a thing of the past. Always consult with a physician to diagnose a headache and talk about the best headache treatment plan for you.

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