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Importance of Physical Therapist in Pain Management

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Physical therapy is an essential part of pain management. It involves blending physiology with exercises and applying these principles to the body to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

Physical therapists are licensed medical officers who offer treatment for neck and back pain, sciatica, whiplash and wear and tear arthritis, neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions.

When chronic pain strikes you hard, the only thing you wish to do is get curled up in bed with a heating pad and prescribed medication to lessen the aches. However, getting active and regular exercise may sound like a sheer torture, but trust us they are actually the best pain management options for chronic pain.

Physical therapy is a key component of multidisciplinary pain control and the only point of entry for patients in the healthcare system. Apart from restoring balance in your body, it also focuses on imparting education on posture and pace, exercise, manual therapy including massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, and electrical stimulation, heat and cold modalities, imagery, virtual reality and sensory re-education.

The objective is to ease the severity of the pain, build motion and improve function. The multidisciplinary approach includes a patient as an active participant with both active and passive approaches. While active approach includes self management, education, exercise, passive approach includes physical agents, electrical modalities and other manual therapy treatments.

With the help of physical therapists serving as the guide, an individual can engage in an active that involves problem-solving skills, decision making and more physical activity.  The program also includes self management technique that helps patients believe in their own ability and capacity to control the pain.

It’s imperative for patients to understand that physical inactivity increases risk of chronic pain further. The only way to combat the condition is by getting active every day.

The patients with chronic pain are physically deconditioned. This is the very reason exercise should be started slowly and progressed slowly. The patients are also instructed to stretch before and after a routine. The low-impact exercise includes aerobic, strengthening, stretching, and motor control workouts and is often success in treating variety of painful conditions.

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Physical therapists can help craft an efficient management plan for patients to address on ways to start the schedule when their pain worsens. Such toolbox includes an individualized plan for pain, sleep, stress and all major social roles. The plan also includes extra routines to be followed if the patient is making a progress.

The pain impacts thought process and influences the mood, relations and emotions. It comes in all forms, and each person may respond differently to physical therapy. People have different body types, different patterns of movement, different alignments.

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Physical therapist can help each individual develop a program to correct the necessary incorrect patterns. Hence, the pain management plan is designed to fit the patients’ need, circumstances, situations and body type.

If you or, loved ones suffer from chronic pain and have been looking physical therapists, we suggest you get in touch with Las Vegas pain clinic.

The compassionate and skilled pain doctors in Las Vegas can help you ease the physical pain, and bring joy to your life.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Live With Chronic Pain

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It is unfortunate that there is no manual instruction to living a life with chronic pain and for coming with terms with the limitations and challenges ahead. While most people have been able to recover from the trauma of their past experiences, illness, surgery, injury, for some the pain is just an ongoing phase and doesn’t stop at all.

Dealing and living with pain requires utmost active personal engagement to increase the motion of the body and gradually reducing the intensity of the pain. The process usually involves a combination of physical, psychological, medical methodology. With the help of professionals one can achieve self pain management technique to cope with the complex condition.

When you are made to live with physical pain and suffering, it’s quite normal to have feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness, depression take control over your life following the diagnosis. All these feelings are associated with the thought of having to lose the old self and contemplating the new self surrounded with constant pain. It’s indeed more difficult for patients who do not know when the pain might occur, leading to having difficulty in making plans to go shopping, to a party, or a usual get together with friends. It’s saddening when you can’t decide on a date to arrange a holiday owing to the fear that the pain might follow you there and everywhere.

It’s strange how chronic pain can contribute severe restriction to physical functioning and impact your lifestyle. However, the condition can be managed and if you put in patience, dedication and commitment, you will be able to increase the amount and quality of things you can do gradually. The pursuits could be different but your life will be meaningful, with beauty and interest. As we await medical advancement for a cure, let’s make our life a joy, enjoyable and worthwhile existence.

Do not give in to pain:

You are more than your pain. The present day might have turned your physical state of health into large storm clouds brewing and out of lively elements, but remember there will be blue skies when you feel at peace. There’s always darkness before the dawn. As you progress, you will learn to focus more on the positive part of your life, on the moment at hand and will be connecting and interacting with people and activities that uplift you for all the good reasons. The pain may always be there, but over time you’ll certainly learn to feel it less. Some of the best moment in life need to be conjured – hugging a new born baby, swimming in the ocean, watching a beautiful movie, appreciating a beautiful scenery, a flower, the touch of timber- invest more energy on reminiscing and finding solace in small things. Trust us: The pain will be there, but you’ll feel it less.

It could appear difficult to accept a body that is not functioning as good as it should. Despite all the grieving, you, like many people will learn to lead a new life.

Live again:

People will learn to prioritize, plan and perform accordingly. Make sure you prioritize everything that is important in your day and then perform the task into small bites.  Task such as simple as preparing a meal; break everything down into its component parts. The other things can wait and delayed.  Focus, try and achieve one thing a day which in crucial.  Later in the evening, recognize the hard work and celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small it is. The amount of achievement will expand over the coming days and there will be time when you feel justifiably proud of yourself of how much you have learned to live with chronic pain.

If you wish to know more on how get your life back on track after being diagnosed, do get in touch with our pain management doctors Las Vegas for all the answers under one roof.

Solution to Back Pain by Pain management clinics

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Pain can be dealt with when it is a mild pain. However when it’s a back pain even a mild pain can make you highly uncomfortable. Now as we know pain are of two types, namely acute pain and chronic pain, back pain can be acute and if not cured can lead to chronic pain which can be severe. There are several factors which causes back pain. An unsupervised exercise can cause you back pain.

Pain Specialist says even if you simply crawling in bed for a good night sleep can cause you back pain, sitting at your office desk for straight 9 hours can cause you back pain, any simple chore of lifting something can cause you back pain. The injuries that are caused on our back or spine are not visible unlike bone injuries since the injuries are caused on the vertebrae, tendons, or ligaments.

To give you a more vivid picture please follow the below mentioned points for back pain:

  • The more you sit and work the more pressure you put on your disks and vertebra. We work for nine hours straight and in these nine hours we tend to slouch and hunch to get more comfortable. What we don’t understand that we tend to hurt our back more and it makes our spine stiff and rigid and that causes injury to our back, thus causing back pain. It is advisable to walk around in between or take stroll on the office floor itself to get your tissues and tendons active. Pain management clinic Las Vegas states insists there are software’s and apps today that will flash on your screen from time to time to remind you of when to take breaks and go for a stroll or even stretch. You can program it as per your body needs.
  • Once we are asleep it’s difficult for us to know in what position we are sleeping. Pain management clinic Las Vegas states we tend to sleep on our belly upside down and this effects our spine. Sleeping on our side or back will keep our spinal cord stretched out and nonaligned. While when we sleep on our belly that does not happen. If you want to sleep on your tummy try to slide in a pillow under our belly so that the disk bones should be in an aggravated position.
  • It gives us immense pleasure to lie down on our back and get rest from the tiring day we have had. However lying down for almost a day can make your back pain more and can make you feel down or depressed. Pain management doctors  says lying down for long can cause pressure on your lumbar spine. As per researchers it is advisable to be associated with any activity. These activates can be running, swimming, cycling.

Now there are solution to these problems too. Just follow few simple tricks. Doctors states when you see by lying down your back is starting to hurt, hop out of the bed and do some light activity such as jog in one spot or stretch a bit. You can also apply the alternate hot and cold treatment.

If still the pain persists, you can go to a chiropractor for muscle manipulation or you can have an acupuncture session. You can go for a cognitive behavioral therapy which will try to make you understand the mind and body technique which will help you cope up with chronic back pain. We suggest that Swedish massage therapy has also been very effective in these scenarios.

Pelvic Pain Treatment With Pain Doctors In Las Vegas

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What is Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic Pain TreatmentPelvic pain is always experienced in the lower part of the abdomen and pelvis. This condition is more common in women than men. In women, pelvic pain can be explained as symptoms that arise from urinary. Pelvic pain can be described as either dull or sharp; it might be steady now and again. Also, and it might be mellow, direct or serious. Pelvic pain can at times emanate to the thigh, lower back or thighs.
Pelvic pain can occur abruptly, strongly, quickly, with intense and over a long period of time. Incessant pelvic pain alludes to any consistent pelvic pain that has been available for a couple of months or even more. Now and again, you may experience pelvic agony just at sure times, for example, when you urinate or amid sexual movement.

What are the causes of pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain can be caused by different diseases and conditions. In most cases, this disease develops as a result of more than one condition. This disorder may arise from urinary, digestive and reproductive system. However, chronic pelvic pain arises from connective tissue together with muscles in the pelvic floor’s structure. There are also some instances when this disorder can be caused by nerves’ irritation in the pelvis.

Some of the major causes of pelvic pain to in female reproductive system include:
Ovarian cancer
• Menstrual cramps
• Miscarriage

Cause in men and women:
• Colon cancer
• Sexual abuse
• Intestinal obstruction
• Appendicitis
• Kidney stone
• Urinary tract infection and many more.

What are the symptoms of Pelvic Pain?

The symptoms of this disorder include:
• Pain during ovulation
• Infertility
• Bloating (in the abdomen)
• Pain during monthly periods (for ladies)
• Pressure (in the lower pelvis)

Pelvic pain Diagnosis

Chronic Pelvic Pain TreatmentPelvic pain is diagnosed by pain doctors though a physical examination. The doctor will examine your abdomen and pelvis. Then, a checkup of the organs, tissues and muscles will follow before suggesting the pain disorder you are suffering from.

The information gathered from the physical examination will be used to determine whether there is a need for extra tests or procedures.

Some of the tests and procedures that will follow include:
• Lab test, which include a urine test
• Cystoscopy: checking the bladder using viewing instrument
• Pelvic ultrasound: this involve the use of sound waves when looking at structure and organs that within the pelvic region.

What are the Treatment Options of Pelvic pain?

For a patient with multiple problem, the treatment of pelvic pain becomes complex. Therefore, specific and simultaneous psychological therapy are highly recommended. The patient should have a good relationship with the Las Vegas pain doctor. In addition, the patient should tailor the treatment of the pelvic pain.

Some of the recommended treatments include:

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• Pharmacotherapy: This includes symptomatic abortive therapy, which stops or reduces the severity of the chronic pain.
• Physical therapy: This includes the use hot or cold applications, massage, traction, manipulation, stretching exercise and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.
• Psychological therapy: This includes relaxation, reassurance, and stress management program together with biofeedback techniques. These kinds of treatments will reduce the frequency in addition to severity of chronic pain.

Well, remember to visit the pain management doctors in Las Vegas if the pain persist so that you can get the recommended advice for the condition you may be experiencing.

Neck Pain Treatment With Las Vegas pain management doctors

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Las Vegas NV pain clinicNeck pain does not have to remain a part of your life. By understanding your back and back pain you can start to heal from existing pain and alleviate the potential risk of back pain in the future. The best pain doctors in Las Vegas understands this. This is why they provide answers and care at the best pain clinics in Las Vegas The lower back is an impressive thing, composed of bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and spinal discs all of which work together to ensure your body functions at its best. These elements combine to not only protect your spinal column and nerve roots, responsible for sending and receiving messages throughout your body, but they also work together to help you stay balanced at all times. Understanding the anatomy of your lower back is the first step to truly appreciating pain and pain mechanisms. Once you begin to understand the effects the posture, whether sitting, standing, driving, or sleeping, has on your body you can start to alleviate acute or chronic pain by training yourself to employ better posture that takes unnecessary pressure off of your lower back and spine. You can avoid back injuries such as a slipped disc, sciatica, spondylolithesis, piriformis syndrome, or mechanical lower back pain. If you already suffer from any of these, or other forms of acute or chronic pain, you can now properly treat your injuries whether with heat, avoiding sustained postures, avoiding repetitive movements and heavy lifting, TENS, pain killers, or seeking medical treatment from your doctor. You can now look for warning signs so as to avoid injury.

The Trunk and Spine:

At the front of your stomach is the rectus abdominus. This is commonly referred to as the “6 pack” muscles.

Then you have muscles which are located at the sides of your stomach and are responsible for helping you bend and twist. These are called the internal obliques.

You also have muscles which are located at the sides of your stomach whose job it is to assist in twisting and bending. These are called the external obliques.

There are small muscles located on each side of your spine which are responsible for stabilizing the spine. These muscles are called the erector spinae.

Then you have a muscle which is located between the pelvis and the ribs which also sidebends your trunk. This is called the quadrates lumborum.

After this you have the deepest core muscle as the TA or Transverse abdominus.

There are also small muscles which travel the entire length of your spine wrapping around the bones. These are called the multifidus.


Las Vegas pain management doctors are some of the best in their practice. They know that pain stemming from nerve damage is excruciating. If you have any questions after reading this, please contact them immediately. Your spinal cord is the main nervous system in your body. It is responsible for sending signals from your brain to all of the other nerves in your body. Every nerve that comes from and leads to the rest of your body enters and exits via the spinal cord.

Neck pain clinic Las VegasYou have thirty one pairs of spinal nerves which exit through your vertebrae. Where your nerves exits your spinal column is referred to as the nerve root. Where it branches into multiple smaller nerves is referred to as peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves make up your peripheral nervous system.

These nerves cover motor nerves and sensory nerves. Your sensory nerves are the ones which receive stimuli related to pain or how something feels. They sense your body movement and pressure placed against your body. Your motor nerves are responsible for stimulating movement and leading to muscle movement.

5 Causes Of Cervical Spine Pain

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Pain management doctors see a large number of patients suffering from neck pain, particularly cervical spine pain. This type of pain is often caused by certain cervical spine conditions.

These include the following:

1.Foraminal Stenosis

Cervical foraminal stenosis occurs when the cervical space is narrowed. This is usually caused by a joint becoming enlarged and pressing on the nerve root. Since the pain takes years to develop and tends to appear only during certain activities, it is easy for patients to ignore the issue. It can get worse over time, however.

Traction may offer some relief, but in most cases, cervical foraminal stenosis will require surgical intervention.

2. Cervical Osteoarthritis

When the joints in the neck begin to degenerate, pain can occur. This is often referred to as neck arthritis, though the correct terms include cervical spondylosis and cervical Pain Management Doctor Las Vegasosteoarthritis. No matter what name is used, the condition results in headaches that originate in the back of the head, a sensation that is strongest at the beginning and end of the day, but lessens during the day and radiating discomfort in the shoulder or shoulder blades.

Upon examination, the doctor may notice bone spurs in the neck. These often press on nerves, causing the pain. The usual treatment is to take anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen and to rest when the pain is bad. Muscle relaxants and cortisone injections can be helpful, as well as traction to reduce the pressure on the neck.

3. Stenosis with Myelopathy

Cervical stenosis with myelopathy tends to occur mostly in the elderly. The condition is progressive and gradually tightens the spinal canal and pinches the spinal cord. This is more serious than the previously mentioned foraminal stenosis, because it will affect the entire body.

As the spine becomes more compressed, the patient will notice pain in their arms and legs, often sharp and shooting, similar to electrical shocks. Fine motor skills may be lost and it gradually becomes more and more difficult to walk, as the legs feel heavy and numb. Surgical spinal decompression is the only known treatment for this condition.

4. Degenerative Disc Disease

Cervical degenerative disc disease is characterized by the discs in the neck becoming worn out and thin. This can cause injury as the bone rubs against bone. Unfortunately, discs cannot repair themselves as they have no blood supply of their own. Pain management doctors will likely prescribe NSAIDs and heat compresses to reduce discomfort. Certain exercises may also help by strengthening the muscles in the neck. Surgery is a last resort, but may be necessary.

5. Strained Muscles

Perhaps one of the more common causes of neck discomfort is simply overuse. The muscles in the neck can be misused and strained, which causes ongoing tenderness. If not allowed to rest, the muscle ache may become worse.

In this case, rest and ibuprofen are usually more than enough to get the patient on the road to recovery again.

Pain management doctors can help the patient decide which method of treatment is the best option for the type of neck condition they have. While surgery is usually the last method to be tried, it is sometimes the best option if medication cannot help.

Managing The Pain Of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that causes chronic pain, and typically occurs following trauma or an injury to an arm or leg. The primary symptom is pain which can be constant and ranges from very uncomfortable to severe. Many people who suffer with CRPS describe it as a feeling of pins and needles or severe burning and it often radiates to the entire affected limb.

In some people, the area becomes increasingly sensitive to the degree that any touch, no matter how light, results in pain. Due to the differences in treatment effectiveness among patients, pain management doctors with an expertise in treating the condition have more resources for providing relief.

While pain can only be measured according to the description of the person experiencing it, there is no disagreement about the severity of pain experienced with CRPS. Children as young as 10 years old and teens can suffer from the condition and one girl described her Pain Management Doctors Las Vegaspain as being “more painful than an amputation without an anesthetic”. Regular activities like taking a shower can turn into traumatic events that are almost impossible to endure. In the most severe cases, loss of use of the affected limb can occur.

The low incidence of CRPS has complicated the diagnosis of the condition, with many who experience the symptoms being told it is “all in their head”. To further complicate matters, diagnosis is made based on the individual’s symptoms and their medical history. At the pain center, you will see the best pain management doctors in the region, with experience and compassion for treating CRPS patients.

Recognizing Symptoms of CRPS

When the condition occurs as the result of an injury, the resulting pain is much greater than the degree of injury itself. Addition symptoms include:

•    Changes in skin color in the area of injury

•    Changes in skin texture

•    Swelling or stiffness of the joints

•    Muscle weakness and/or muscle spasms

•    Loss of movement in the affected limb

Early treatment is the key to successful treatment. If you suspect you may have CRPS, you should make an appointment at the pain clinic without waiting. The pain management doctors can evaluate your specific condition and create a treatment plan to address every area of your body that is affected. Types of treatments used for the condition include:

•    Injections to block nerves

•    Medications for pain relief

•    Medications for bone loss

•    Antidepressants to treat pain from a damaged nerve

•    Corticosteroids

•    Therapies to reduce symptoms of inflammation and pain

•    Spinal cord stimulation which uses electrical current to change brain perception of pain

Any person who is living with any degree of pain deserves understanding and compassion. Those with severe CRPS often face a greater challenge to managing their pain and maintaining the same quality of life that they had previous to acquiring the condition. Pain management doctors offer comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to address the symptoms and the situation of the individual.

Treatment Of Herniated Or Bulging Discs May Be Conservative Or Surgical

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The intervertebral discs are extremely important in supporting the vertebrae, maintaining the integrity and the flexibility of the whole spine, and preserving the adequate position of each spinal vertebrae. The discs are made from elastic connective tissue, which is why they are able to absorb the force impacts exerted on the spine during abrupt body movements and lifting weights. Unfortunately, Pain Management Doctors see numerous patients with herniated or bulging discs that are caused by an incorrect lifestyle, improperly intervertebral discexecuted physical exercise or lifting heavy objects at work. How are herniated discs dangerous for your health and spinal integrity?

Bulging Discs Disrupt the Normal Alignment of the Spinal Vertebrae

Pain management doctors are treating individuals with recurring back pain on a regular basis. Besides the physical therapy that may be implemented when mild alterations of spinal architecture are identified, drugs delivered in the form of epidural injections or surgical procedures may be necessary to correct more severe spinal problems such as herniated discs. An intervertebral disc that is not adequately positioned between two neighboring vertebrae may be displaced to the side and lose its stabilization function. What can happen next is what determines numerous patients to see Pain Management Doctors for evaluation of their spinal problems.

Medical studies suggest that the bulging disc may create an instability in the local vertebrae, which may become misaligned and the spinal nerves that are located nearby can become compressed. This nerve root compression due to a herniated disc is what causes the bothersome pain in the back, which may require chiropractic correction, anti-inflammatory drug use for a limited amount of time or surgical interventions.

Herniated discs can be prevented if one dedicates some time every day to observe his or her posture during work or leisure activities. It is important to make sure that the shoulders are always drawn back rather than rolled forward, which allows for a correct, properly aligned position of the spine throughout the day.

How are Herniated or Bulging Discs Treated in the Pain Management Clinic?

The treatment of herniated discs depends on the level of misalignment or displacement of the vertebrae. Usually, a physician will perform an X-ray or a more sophisticated imaging procedure, such as an MRI, to determine the abnormality level and the precise anatomical location of the bulging disc. The pain intensity experienced by the patient is also taken into consideration when formulating a special spinal treatment or rehabilitation strategy. For bulging discs that are not severely displaced, physical therapy can be effectively employed to restore the spinal integrity through exercise, precisely targeted massage or spinal manipulations. For more severe abnormalities, such as herniated discs that compress on the adjacent nerve roots, which is usually where the intense pain comes from, steroid injections that diminish the inflammation or surgery may be recommended by a specialist in back pain.

It is important to come to a back pain clinic as soon as possible because continuing your herniated discdaily routines with a bulging disc may aggravate its displacement and may cause a more substantial herniation from the normal position. The instability created in the spine can further aggravate the pain and the chances of a successful recovery are diminished if you delay a visit to the doctor.


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