Epidural Injections Used for Chronic Back Pain

by Nevada Pain

Chronic back pain can be difficult and makes it hard to enjoy a normal life, but there are treatment options available. One of these options is an epidural injection, which is inserted into the area aEpidural Injections Las Vegasround pinched nerves near your spine.

Your Las Vegas Pain Management Doctor may use these injections if the pain spreads down your body to your lower spine, hips, or legs. This type of chronic pain may be the result of a bulging disc putting pressure on a nerve near the spine.

The Epidural Injection Procedure

Before you receive epidural injections, your Pain Management Doctor in Las Vegas will have you undergo an MRI or CT scan to help identify the source of the pinched nerve(s). After your doctor determines that you would benefit from epidural injections, you will either have them performed in an office setting, or at an ambulatory surgery center.
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You will be asked to lie on your stomach in order to allow the LV pain doctor access to your spine. While sedation is not necessarily needed for this procedure, your doctor may opt to give you medication to help you relax.

If this is the case, you will need to have someone drive you home after the procedure, as these medications can impair your ability to operate a vehicle. The epidural affects your spine, which is the most important part of a body.

Before beginning the procedure, your skin will be numbed with an anesthetic. This helps to eliminate any pain you might feel during the epidural injections. Once your skin is numb, the injection process will begin, using the following steps:

  • A needle will be inserted toward the spine.Pain Management Las Vegas
  • Using a fluoroscopy, an x-ray video machine, provides a clear picture of your spinal region so your pain doctor can maneuver the needle into the correct area between the vertebrae.
  • Contrast dye will be injected to determine if the needle is in the right space between your spine and spinal cord.
  • Once the needle is in the correct position, a solution containing corticosteroid and anesthetic will be injected.

It is important to note that epidural injections are a short-term solution in order to treat the pain from pinched nerves in the back. Pain relief may last days to months, at which point the injections may be repeated. Patients may receive a series of injections each time – up to 3 over a period of 6-8 weeks. After this procedure, you should feel relief from your chronic back pain. This relief can last anywhere from weeks to months depending on the type of work you do.

After the Procedure

Once the epidural injections are complete, the doctor at the Las Vegas pain clinic may ask you to rest for the remainder of the day. There is a slight chance you may feel some pain or discomfort around the site of the injection. Typically this dissipates within a few hours.

The steroid used in the epidural injection may take several days to actually take effect, which is why your pain may become worse before it improves. If your pain does not subside after 2-3 days, you should consult your doctor immediately.

The Risks of Epidural Injection

Like any procedure, there are some kind of risks associated with the epidural injections. These are slight, less than 1%. These small risks include:

  • Bleeding – Which causes a hematoma around the spinal column.NV_PainSpeclst2
  • Allergic reaction – To any of the medications used during the procedure.
  • Damage to the nerve root – Which can increase pain in your legs.
  • An abscess or infection – Around your spine or spinal area.
  • Short-term dizziness, nausea or headache.
  • Short term blood sugar increase.

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