FAQ’s on Headache Treatment in Las Vegas

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What are headaches?

Headaches are among the most common type of pain that is suffered by people. Headaches are characterized by a sharp and persistent pain being felt by the patient in his Headaches Las Vegashead or the region of neck.

Headaches can prove to be very discomforting for patients as they make it difficult for the person to focus and render him incapable of performing activities. Headaches that are the main problem for which no other cause can be determined, are considered to be primary headaches (Cohan, 2012). On the other hand, headaches which are caused as a result of another disease or disorder are referred to as secondary headaches.

What causes headaches?

Migraine Specialist Las VegasHeadaches can be caused due to a lot of reasons. The most common cause of headaches is tension or stress. When a person is under stress, he is likely to get a headache. Such headaches are usually very mild in nature but do not go away easily.

Other causes of headaches are migraines, brain tumors, stroke, high blood pressure and meningitis. The headaches that result from these disorders or diseases are intense in nature and can be accompanied with other symptoms too.

What are the symptoms of headaches?

Headache Clinic Las Vegas

Occipital blocks may help considerably with migraines!

The symptoms of primary headaches which are caused by tension and stress include mild, throbbing pain in the head that originates from the base of the skull. This pain is not very intense in nature but is consistent and does not go away easily until proper medication is taken.

The symptoms of secondary headaches that are caused due to another disease or disorder vary depending on the disease being suffered by the patient. Patients suffering headaches because of migraines will also exhibit symptoms like vomiting and fever while those that have high blood pressure to thank for their headache will also feel pain in their chest and forehead region.

How are headaches diagnosed?

The diagnosis of headaches is not that difficult. The Las Vegas Pain Management Doctor just has to do a physical exam to check whether the pain is being caused due to an external injury or is resulting from an internal issue.

In case of an injury, the doctor is going to make use of radiological diagnostic means like CT scans and MRI to determine the extent of the damage suffered by the head. The use of Pain clinics in Las Vegasthese diagnostic tools is also used by doctors to check whether the headache is being caused due to tumor or not.

Tension induced headaches are generally diagnosed by the Pain Doctor in Las Vegas by simply asking the patients about their daily routine and what they have been doing since the headaches started.

What are the Treatment Options for headaches?

Treatment during the headache may consist of:

  • NSAID’s, Tylenol, Caffeine
  • Combination medications like Excedrin (contains caffeine, aspirin,  and acetaminophen)Headache Doctor Las Vegas
  • Triptans and Opiates

Preventative medications for tension headaches may include:

  • Tricyclic Antidepressants (e.g. amytriptaline)
  • Muscle Relaxers (e.g. tizanadine)
  • SSRI’s (e.g. Prozac or Paxil)
  • Anticonvulsants (e.g. Neurontin)

Migraine treatment may consist of any combination of the following:

  •     NSAID’s
  •     Opiates
  •     Ergots and Triptans
  •     Butalbital
    Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

    Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

  •     Botox Injections
  •     Trigger Point Injections
  •     Anti-depressant Medication
  •     Beta Blocker Medication
  •     Supratrochlear Nerve Blocks
  •     Anti-nausea medication
  •     Acupuncture
  •     Anti-seizure medications
  •     Occipital Nerve Blocks or Radiofrequency Ablation
  •     Supraorbital Nerve Blocks
  •     Sphenopalatine Nerve Blocks

With the plethora of options available, Las Vegas pain management doctors achieve a high success rate with all kinds of headaches and migraines. Treatment needs to be individualized, as no two patients present the same.

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