FAQ’s on Kyphoplasty from a Las Vegas pain clinic

Kyphoplasty is a Las Vegas Pain Management and spine corrective surgical procedure that is performed on patients who are suffering from spine fractures. The fractures that are treated using this procedure can either be the result of osteoporosis fracture, a primary Compression fracture Las Vegasbone tumor or metastatic cancer. The main goal of Kyphoplasty is to restore the height of the fractured vertebrae and decrease an individual’s pain (Resnick and Garfin, 2005).

                What are the major indicators for having a Kyphoplasty procedure in Las Vegas?

People who are suffering from debilitating pain in their spine due to a compression fracture are ideal candidates for having Kyphoplasty. Moreover, patients suffering from metastatic cancer that have developed compression fractures in their spines will also find this procedure massively helpful in correcting the shape of their spine and in reliving the pain that they are experiencing.

Anyone who has suffered an injury in an accident that has resulted in a compression Kyphoplasty Las Vegasfracture in his spine is also a prime candidate for undergoing Kyphoplasty for reversing the damage and restoring the shape of his spine.

Usually the initial treatment involves pain medication management and spinal bracing. If this fails,


What does a Kyphoplasty procedure entail?

Kyphoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves the use of bone cement which is injected into the spinal fracture to stabilize the damage sustained by the fractured vertebrae. Before the injection of the bone cement, the use of a balloon is made to open up the void in the Kyphoplasty Procedurespinal column for restoring the size of the vertebrae and also for ensuring that the bone cement can be injected easily.

The placement of the balloon is done using a needle that is inserted in the fractured vertebrae. The balloon is then inflated to create the gap in which the bone cement is to be inserted. Once the balloon has done its job, it is deflated and the bone cement is placed. Then the cement hardens within 20 minutes and pain relief is usually dramatic.

                      How does Kyphoplasty help the doctor provide treatment?

Kyphoplasty can help the Pain Management Doctors in Las Vegas providing treatment to the patient by limiting his pain and restoring some of the balance to his spine. In the case of patient suffering from metastatic cancer that have developed compression fractures in their spine, the use of this procedure is of massive help to the LV pain doctors as it provides them the chance to focus on treating the other symptoms of their disease while the pain caused by compression fracture is dealt with by Kyphoplasty.

                            What to expect during a Kyphoplasty procedure?

Before you undergo a Kyphoplasty procedure you are going to be asked to stop taking medication that is generally prescribed for thinning the blood like aspirin and warfarin. Your doctor might even ask you to stop taking other medications too if he sees fit. You must try to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol before the procedure as well.

The Kyphoplasty procedure begins with the sterilizing of the skin above the portion of the fractured vertebrae. You might be given a local or general anesthetic to make sure that you do not feel pain during the procedure. Spinal Fracture Treatment

After cleansing, the skin is then numbed after which the doctor inserts a needle into the fracture. Then a balloon is placed inside the fracture which is then inflated to widen the gap in the fractured vertebrae, restoring it to its original height. This gap is then going to be filled with bone cement using another needle. The procedure is going to be over in about an hour’s time.

                    What are the risks of having a Kyphoplasty procedure?

Usually Kyphoplasty is a safe procedure which does not have many risks. In some cases Pain Clinic Las Vegashowever the patient might develop an infection or allergy, internal bleeding might happen and sometimes leakage of the bone cement in the body can occur too. According to Ray (2008) pulmonary emboli of cement is also reported in some of the patients that undergo this procedure.

There is a low risk of the cement leaking where it’s not supposed to go. This may include into the spinal canal, where it can cause a neurologic issue.

                  What are the benefits of having a Kyphoplasty procedure?

The most significant benefit of having a Kyphoplasty procedure is relief from the pain caused by the compression fracture. Moreover, the quality of life of the patients undergoing this procedure improves considerably as well.

Pain relief in multiple studies has been shown to exceed 90%. Typically the relief is dramatic and immediate, and patients start to ambulate more and increase activities of Las Vegas pain clinicdaily living.

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