Joint Injections Effects Described By Las Vegas Pain Clinic

Joint injections

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Joint injections can be used to reduce inflammation in your joints. They are injected into the site of the problem to offer faster relief.

Prior to injecting your joint, your joint fluid might be removed for testing. If your diagnosis is uncertain testing will take place. The use of immediate injections can reduce inflammation while simultaneously helping to preserve joint function and joint structure. The use of a joint injection helps to avoid any need for increased doses of an oral steroid which is particularly beneficial because oral steroids in high doses bring with them greater side effects compared to a single injection.

What are the potential side effects to joint injections?

Joint injections remain one of the most effective ways to improve function and decrease pain in your joints but they will not cure or the illness. In some cases side effects such as local bleeding, allergic reactions, infection, or skin discoloration can take place. If repeated injections take place in the same joint it can cause weakness in the tendons, bone, or ligament. How often side effects occur, or if side effects occur at all, varies from patient to patient. The less frequently injections are used the less likely the patient is to develop any side effects.

What role do joint injections play in a treatment plan?

Joint injections can be an additional component to a treatment program for pain management. Typically they are used in conjunction with anti-inflammatory medications, occupational therapy, pain medications, physical therapy, or supported devices like a brace or a cane. It is the nature of the problematic condition which affects whether one of these treatment methods is more successful than another. Someone, for example, suffering from tendinitis who is otherwise healthy could be adequately treated with a single joint injection. However, someone who suffers from regular rheumatoid arthritis may require regular joint injections as part of their multifaceted treatment program.
Having shots in your shoulder, hip, knee, or SI joint can reduce inflammation without upsetting her stomach like many pills.

What is expected during a joint injection?

Stem Cells Las VegasMany joint injections will be done in a Las Vegas pain clinic doctor’s office. At the onset of your appointment the doctor will cleanse your skin using antiseptic. If your joint is full of fluid the doctor may need to remove any excess fluid with a needle. This will relieve some of your painting immediately because excess fluid in your joints increases pressure which increases pain. By removing any excess fluid he can also expedite the healing process. After this the Las Vegas pain clinic doctor will use a syringe to inject the steroid into your joint. Because the steroids are often mixed with painkillers the relief is instant. Within the next few hours the injection will curb inflammation in your joint. This relief typically lasts between several months all the way down to several weeks. Injecting large joints like your spine or your hip is a bit more complex and as such the doctor may need to use imaging technology to better guide the needle into the exact place.