Pain Clinic Treats Musculoskeletal Injuries From Car Accident

There are many kinds of musculoskeletal injuries that a pain clinic will treat, but one of the main patients to be sent to a Pain Clinic is someone who has suffered musculoskeletal injuries as the result of a car accident. Pain clinics in Las VegasWhen your doctor is unable to create a pain management plan that works then your doctor can refer to a pain clinic where a team of pain specialists will work to create a plan to eliminate your pain.

Musculoskeletal injuries can affect bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The pain clinic will evaluate your injuries, do a full consultation and then focus on getting you back to your state before the car accident. Musculoskeletal pain of all sorts share one thing – the complexity and difficulty in getting the pain under control.

The pain clinic will have many different pain management specialists on staff and so your team might include pain doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists, technicians, nurses, and many other health care professionals all with one goal in mind – to make you better and get your pain under control.Migraine Specialist Las Vegas

Your treatment plan will include medication and is often combined with other treatments. These treatments can include:

> Acupuncture, where thin needles are inserted along your meridian in specific spots to relieve pain in a specific area. This treatment has good results is relatively common these days.

> TENS is a system that uses electrical stimulation. The technician will attach pads to your skin that are similar to EKG leads with wires sending electrical impulses that will stimulate the nerve fibers.

> Physical therapy is used and can be tailored to work the specific areas where the injuries have occurred. Your physiotherapists will use a combination of different techniques and equipment like the TENS to help strengthen while reducing the pain you are suffering.

> Aquatic therapy can be very helpful. It is done in the water, which makes it very easy on the muscles and joints.

Injections can be used and often contain a combination of medicines such as opioids, anti inflammatory, anesthetics and corticosteroids. Nerve blocks are another treatment that is used often and it does a good job of blocking pain short term.

Treating the Emotional You

Dealing with the physical pain is only a part of the treatment. After a while, your emotional well-being can be affected and you can find yourself mentally exhausted too. You might also be trying to process a variety of feelings such as sadness, anger and hopelessness. After all, the car accident changed your life and all you want is your life back. The combination of physical and psychological support can be very beneficial to the patient.

You received a Pain Clinic referral because your doctor feels felt they were not able to create a pain protocol that was properly working for you and they felt you were in need of one or more pain specialists, which was available at the pain clinic. The more honest you are with the pain clinic the better the treatment and the better the outcome for you.Pain Management clinics in Las Vegas