FAQs on Physical therapy in Las Vegas

What exactly does a physical therapist do?

Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that involves licensed medical providers offering treatment for neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions. This may include treatment after physical therapy Las Vegassurgery such as for a total knee replacement, or can also include treatment for neck and back pain, sciatica, whiplash and wear and tear arthritis.

One aspect of treatment that physical therapy Las Vegas clinics work with is to improve patients’ flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

In order to accomplish these goals, Las Vegas Physical therapy clinics may include a stretching program, active and passive exercises along with some weightlifting and core strengthening along with stabilization exercises. The best Las Vegas physical therapy clinics teach their patients a home program so that treatment can be facilitated outside of the clinic.

While these are some of the active types of treatment that physical therapists perform, they also may include modalities such as tens units or electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice and heat.

What the different types of problems that Las Vegas physical therapy clinics work with?

Physical Therapy Henderson NVThere are many different musculoskeletal and neurological problems that can be helped substantially with physical therapy. Examples include after total joint replacement for dealing with a broken bone.

Physical therapy may help restore range of motion and strength to the muscles that become atrophied. If a person’s neck or back is injured from a sports or car accident, physical therapy can help prevent chronic pain from occurring with the various treatments offered. Also neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or post stroke can receive exceptional benefit from physical therapy programs.

Can I decide which clinic to go to for my physical therapy Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Physical TherapyYes absolutely. Nevada is known as a direct access state so you do not always need a referral to get in with physical therapy.

Physical therapy Clinics in Las Vegas will vary with the insurances that they do accept so it is best to call and ask if yours is accepted.

How many visits of physical therapy Las Vegas will I need to attend?

This is going to vary according to your individual situation, but the average is about a dozen visits to physical therapy Clinics in Las Vegas. Typically more than one visit will be necessary to improve the medical problem. For instance, if you just had a total knee replacement it’s going to take about 6 to 12 weeks to get back full range of motion and strength in the knee.

Most of the time, if you’re dealing with a chronic issue such as back or neck pain, it will take about 6 to 12 weeks, to get to a point where the visits are no longer necessary. Physical therapy is crucial for the pain relief process.

What should be worn to my physical therapy sessions?

It is best to wear clothing that permits free movement of your extremities. This is true especially for the area of the body under treatment. So comfortable athletic clothing is best and the change of clothing is always a good idea as you may sweat during treatment.Sports Physical Therapy Las Vegas

Will my physical therapy be painful?

Your physical therapy sessions should not be extremely painful, and if it is you should definitely let your physical therapist know. The sessions will be designed to make your body work, so it is normal to be sore after treatment.

The goal is to decrease pain and increase your strength and function and range of motion with the success of treatments. Significant pain from treatment may be making your situation worse, but it may entail some soreness to reach the reasonable treatment goals that get set.