Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants – How They Have Evolved

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SCS (spinal cord stimulation) is a procedure that treats chronic pain, which involves the use of electrical currents. A small generator administers pulses in the back through an implantation procedure. Spinal Cord Stimulator Las Vegas

The procedure is quick and is typically done under a sedative or even anesthesia. This generator will send electrical pulses to the spinal cord, which can alter the way the brain perceives pain signals and provide pain relief. SCS relieves the pain associated with many spinal and back conditions.

The use of the spinal cord stimulator implants is one of the quickest and fastest growing treatment options available for pain relief from chronic back pain sufferers. It is one of the most revolutionary procedures available with Las Vegas Pain Management Doctors as the relief may be long lasting.

The placement of the stimulator is directly related to the type of pain that the patient is feeling. Typically, the stimulator is pre-programmed to send waves of electrical stimulation to the spine.

Most implants now have over 200 different programming options for maximum effectiveness with relief. For those who have failed surgery and have no surgical options, a spinal cord stimulator may be the best option.

Improving the Device: Voltage and Usability

Since the inception of the spinal cord stimulator device, many strides have been made to improve the implant. When the SCS was first introduced to the medical world, it only Las Vegas pain clinicsconsisted of a single channel feature. This meant that the stimulator was only able to put out one level of voltage.

As the need for this device grows, more steps are being taken to improve the device and add to it. New improvements to SCS devices have been made, such as making them multi-channel devices. This means that there are multiple levels of voltage that vary through different contact leads, and the device is no longer one single voltage.

Over time the usability of the spinal cord stimulator device has also improved. The leads are able to be combined with other stylets. This allows the positioning of the electrodes to be more flexible and also helps to position them better through a less invasive method. Additionally, the batteries for SCS devices have been reconstructed to consume less energy.

Pain Management Henderson NVSpinal cord stimulators are rechargeable, which allow patients to get the most use out of them without having to constantly replace them. The pulse width of the device has also been improved, so that it reaches a wider span of the area. Previously, the device could only reach a certain radius, but now, this number has been widened.

Future Outlook

Spinal cord stimulator implants are used to treat chronic pain, especially those people with chronic back pain. Although not many studies have been done about the effectiveness of the device, people who use them report an improvement in their level of pain.

When the SCS implant first came out, it was more of a simple device with a single channel voltage. Nowadays, the device has advanced to cover more voltage ranges, and the amount of voltage is regulated by a pain management doctor.

Even though there have been many advancements made to spinal cord stimulator, there is Failed Back Surgery Treatmentstill room for improvement. Many people who choose this method of pain relief have had a failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). Additionally, it is used for various orthopedic and neurological conditions that cause spinal cord and back pain.

With time, more advances and improvements are being made to the spinal cord stimulator device. It will take time for new advances and new designs to come out, as doctors and researchers must first decide what requires change.

One of the many beneficial features that could be added to the SCS is the ease of controlling the voltage. Maybe at some point, the voltage can be patient controlled. Once Pain Management Las Vegasthe device has been perfected, it can become one of the favored treatment options for people suffering from pain.

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