The 3 Best Ways to Treat Sciatica in Las Vegas

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which is the large extension nerve that travels along the low back and down the back of each leg is known as sciatica. It is a painful condition that presents troubling symptoms and often requires Las Vegas Pain Management. Patients who suffer from sciatica often report a burning sensation and shooting pain in the low Pain clinics in Las Vegasback, buttocks and affected leg.

With over 5 million people suffering from sciatica, it is a common condition. Treatment is effective, as approximately 80% of individuals who suffer from the condition recover within about six weeks. Only a small percentage require surgery when nonsurgical treatments do not fix the problem.

The 3 best ways to treat sciatica are considered to be conservative treatments that are highly effective at Pain Clinics in Las Vegas. These treatments include:

  1. Medication Management

Medications given to patients with sciatica are designed to reduce inflammation, which leads to pain. Anti-inflammatories, such as Tylenol, along with muscle relaxers are often given. When there is acute pain, opioid medications can be given to reduce immediate symptoms and provide short-term relief.Las Vegas pain clinic

Medications are often administered in combination with other forms of treatment to maximize results. A single burst of prednisone can be extremely helpful in pain relief until other forms of treatment are carried out.

  2. Physical therapy and chiropractic care

Physical therapy and Las Vegas chiropractic care are often administered as an effective treatment for sciatica. In many cases, physical therapy and/or chiropractic can be offered in combination with another form of treatment, presenting highly effective results.

It is not uncommon for a patient being treated for sciatica to combine medication with other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy. Massage, heat application, TENS and other forms of treatment are highly effective and provide quality results for patients who suffer from sciatic pain.

     3. Epidural steroid injections

Epidural steroid injections are effective for the treatment of sciatica. When other treatments fail to provide adequate relief and injection may be required. Injection treatment is Pain Management Doctors Las Vegasconsidered to be a gold standard treatment for disc herniation or root compression that results in sciatica.

Injections have been performed since the early 1950s with significant results. Today epidural injections are given as a series to provide a cascade of relief from pain. The injections are given around the nerve root and help provide an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce pain. Typically by the third injection, a patient with sciatica becomes pain free. The treatment is highly effective when administered by a professional Pain Management Las Vegas Doctor.

If you or a loved one is suffering from sciatica, help is available at the best Las Vegas pain clinics. Let the Nevada Pain Network connect you with the best pain management doctors in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and surrounding areas. Call (702) 323-0553 today for more information and scheduling.