The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Live With Chronic Pain

It is unfortunate that there is no manual instruction to living a life with chronic pain and for coming with terms with the limitations and challenges ahead. While most people have been able to recover from the trauma of their past experiences, illness, surgery, injury, for some the pain is just an ongoing phase and doesn’t stop at all.

Dealing and living with pain requires utmost active personal engagement to increase the motion of the body and gradually reducing the intensity of the pain. The process usually involves a combination of physical, psychological, medical methodology. With the help of professionals one can achieve self pain management technique to cope with the complex condition.

When you are made to live with physical pain and suffering, it’s quite normal to have feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness, depression take control over your life following the diagnosis. All these feelings are associated with the thought of having to lose the old self and contemplating the new self surrounded with constant pain. It’s indeed more difficult for patients who do not know when the pain might occur, leading to having difficulty in making plans to go shopping, to a party, or a usual get together with friends. It’s saddening when you can’t decide on a date to arrange a holiday owing to the fear that the pain might follow you there and everywhere.

It’s strange how chronic pain can contribute severe restriction to physical functioning and impact your lifestyle. However, the condition can be managed and if you put in patience, dedication and commitment, you will be able to increase the amount and quality of things you can do gradually. The pursuits could be different but your life will be meaningful, with beauty and interest. As we await medical advancement for a cure, let’s make our life a joy, enjoyable and worthwhile existence.

Do not give in to pain:

You are more than your pain. The present day might have turned your physical state of health into large storm clouds brewing and out of lively elements, but remember there will be blue skies when you feel at peace. There’s always darkness before the dawn. As you progress, you will learn to focus more on the positive part of your life, on the moment at hand and will be connecting and interacting with people and activities that uplift you for all the good reasons. The pain may always be there, but over time you’ll certainly learn to feel it less. Some of the best moment in life need to be conjured – hugging a new born baby, swimming in the ocean, watching a beautiful movie, appreciating a beautiful scenery, a flower, the touch of timber- invest more energy on reminiscing and finding solace in small things. Trust us: The pain will be there, but you’ll feel it less.

It could appear difficult to accept a body that is not functioning as good as it should. Despite all the grieving, you, like many people will learn to lead a new life.

Live again:

People will learn to prioritize, plan and perform accordingly. Make sure you prioritize everything that is important in your day and then perform the task into small bites.  Task such as simple as preparing a meal; break everything down into its component parts. The other things can wait and delayed.  Focus, try and achieve one thing a day which in crucial.  Later in the evening, recognize the hard work and celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small it is. The amount of achievement will expand over the coming days and there will be time when you feel justifiably proud of yourself of how much you have learned to live with chronic pain.

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