The Workup of Back Pain at Las Vegas Pain Clinics

Time is usually the best treatment for uncomplicated back pain. Over 90% of back pain gets better no matter what the treatment after six to 12 weeks.

In cases of serious or incapacitating pain from an accident, immediate emergency care is Sciatica Las Vegasneeded. If pain in the lower back grows worse with time or rest, a Pain Management Doctor in Las Vegas may be needed to do a work up of your back pain to help guide you on an appropriate program plan of healing.

Back pain rarely needs surgery, but physicians do take every effort to reach a definite diagnosis and administer appropriate care based on patients concerns. On average, acute back pain is a simple strain and the pain of the self-limiting condition will alleviate in 4 to 6 weeks, with or without medical intervention.

In unusual circumstances, back pain can be a symptom of serious pathology or a forerunner of  a medical disability, so Las Vegas Pain Management Doctors do take any complaint of low back seriously and strive for a diagnosis of the problems origin.  Patients may try alternative therapies without a proper diagnosis, and this can exacerbate a Back Pain Las Vegasdisability or accelerate progression of an acute strain into a chronic condition.

An accurate diagnosis delivered in a positive manner will avoid inappropriate or unnecessary surgery or treatment for the patient. There are many indicators doctors look for when determining if the back pain is more serious than a simple strain. If pain persists, becomes severe, or becomes associated with other symptom, these can be red flag indicators. In addition to these indicators, special tests and imaging studies can help evaluate the reported symptoms.

Red flag Indicators with back pain

  • Weakness in one leg or foot. Could be possibly be stress or encroachment of spinal nerves. Radiation of numbness and pain down one, or both legs could indicate a herniated disc or other pathological process. This does not mean surgery has to be Back pain doctor Las Vegasperformed immediately, but it should raise the eyebrow for further evaluation.
  • Kidney stones or a kidney infection can cause acute back pain that affects rest.
  • Decreased urinary detention or loss of bladder control could be caused by a lumbar disc protrusion affecting the spinal cord. This may be an emergency, and needs to be worked up right away.

What tests diagnose back pain?

To determine if a structural problem may be the cause. X-rays, MRI studies, or a CT-myelography might be ordered at a pain clinic in Las Vegas after a good physical exam Pain Clinics Las Vegaswith detailed case history.

Imaging studies can help confirm or detect bone disease, non-musculoskeletal back pain causes, nerve root impingement or a disc herniation with progressive  neurological signs.

It may be necessary to move forward with a nerve conduction study to see the extent of nerve damage. If it is unclear why one’s back is hurting, a diagnostic injection such as a medial branch block or a selective nerve block may be necessary and provide valuable information.

Between the physical exam, imaging studies and further testing, pain management doctors in Las Vegas are typically able to  establish a diagnosis and implement the best treatment possible. In over 90% of cases, back surgery can be avoided with proper conservative pain management treatment.

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