Top 5 Myths About Failed Back Surgery from a Las Vegas pain clinic

Back surgeries are designed to help the patient, relieving pain and discomfort. But when the back surgery is unsuccessful or only partially successful, the pain remains.

There are approximately 600,000 people in the United States who undergo back surgePain Doctor Las Vegasry annually. Many undergo spinal fusion, which introduces hardware in the back. The vertebrae are welded or fused together. Failed back surgery is a condition that occurs a significant amount of the time, which refers to the continuation of pain after surgery has been completed.

Sometimes the surgery even causes the low back pain to become more severe. The pain may be chronic in nature, with burning in the leg, numbness or a sensation that you are being poked with pins and needles.

There are a number of myths surrounding this condition. Not all that you have heard about failed back surgery is true. Below are the top 5 myths about failed back surgery.

Myth 1: There is no treatment for failed back surgery

Fact: There is treatment for failed back surgery – most of which is highly effective. Your Las

Back Pain Treatment Las Vegas

Radiofrequency Ablation

Vegas Pain Management Doctor will design a treatment plan that works for you. From medications to physical therapy, many patients benefit from massage to break up scar tissue and electrical stimulation to relieve pain. Other effective treatments include facet blocks, radiofrequency ablation or spinal cord stimulation, which offers promising results.

Myth 2: You must have surgery again and again

Fact: This is not the case. Surgery may be needed if all other treatment fails to correct the problem, but in many cases relief is received from non-surgical measures.

Most of the time, surgery is not indicated with failed back surgery and nonoperative Best pain clinic Las Vegasoptions are the best way to go.

Myth 3: I may end up wheelchair bound with back surgery

Fact: Only in most rare situations would a patient end up wheelchair bound. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation treatment are designed to get you back on your feet, even after suffering symptoms from failed back surgery.

Myth 4: I will become addicted to pain medication

Fact: When a professional Pain Doctor in Las Vegas is monitoring your treatment, the risk of becoming addicted to narcotics is kept at a minimum. Many of the medications offered are non-narcotic in nature. They are anti-inflammatories that are not addictive. Narcotic prescriptions may be given to relieve acute pain or keep chronic pain at a minimum, but an acceptable baseline is established.

Myth 5: Bed rest is the only answer

Fact: One of the most common misnomers of back pain is bed rest. It is actually exercise and movement that lubricates muscles and joints, keeping them conditioned with flowing Pain Relief Las Vegasblood. One of the worst things you can do is nothing.

Pain clinics in Las Vegas offer extremely effective nonoperative pain management. Typically those with failed back surgery are able to avoid the need for another procedure, which is great considering most of the time another surgery is deemed not to be in the patient’s best interest.

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