What are the Options with Failed Back or Neck Surgery?

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When pain is experienced in the back or neck, there are often methods of treatment used prior to using surgery to correct the issue and provide the patient with pain relief. Often, Neck pain Las Vegasthe Las Vegas Pain Management Doctor working with the patient will  use pain medication, muscle relaxers, or steroids to alleviate symptoms, but this does not always work.

Although surgery can be quite effective in treating neck and back conditions, at times the surgery can fail and cause symptoms to reoccur. If back or neck surgery should fail, the options available to the patient will then depend upon their individual case.

Treatments for Failed Back or Neck Surgery

There are a few different reasons why the patient may need additional treatment after having neck or back surgery.

  • Removal of scar tissue – At times, scar tissue may develop in the area where the surgery was done. This issue can aggravate the nerves in the area, which will result in painful sensations within the neck or back. If the pain is caused by the scar tissue in the area, and is not due to problems with the nerves, removing the tissue may be effective in treating the condition. However, if the tissue is not the direct cause of the pain, removing the tissue can actually make things worse.

Even if scar tissue is the source of pain, removal may only be temporarily helpful. The reason is scar tissue often comes back again.

  • Nerve irritation – If the pain that is experienced is due to problems with the nerves in the area, sometimes steroid and anesthesia treatments are used in order to numb Back Pain Las Vegasthe nerve ending and provide pain relief. The patient may also be provided with physical therapy, which can improve the area of the body that is experiencing the pain. Also, the use of Neurontin, a unique medication, may be given to the patient for a short-term period while the scar tissue heals.
  • Bone collapse – Other than issues with the tissue and nerves, sometimes neck and back surgery does not work due to the body’s inability to heal the area. A bone in the body that is given new support can collapse overtime and cause the surgery to be ineffective. When this occurs, the patient may require another surgery with hopes of better results, or he or she may need to use pain management in order to deal with the issue.

This failure means the bones did not fuse. In these cases, it may mean a revision surgery may be in order to help the bones fuse. This problem is more common in smokers and those who have an immune condition such as lupus.

  • Pain management – Because of the fact that surgery is often the last resort, there are limited options available to those who have the neck or back surgery fail. However, with the right method of pain management, the patient can deal with the discomfort.

Pain Management for Failed Back Surgery and Failed Neck Surgery

Pain management is used to control the level of pain a patient experiences on a daily basis. Pain medicine allows a person to live life comfortably after neck or back surgery has failed. There are pain clinics in Las Vegas which focus solely on the use of pain Pain Clinic Las Vegasmanagement, and the healthcare professionals help control the patient’s level of pain.

Generally, the pain specialist prescribes narcotic pain medication, along with other medications, to treat the pain associated with failed back surgery or failed neck surgery. The type of narcotic depends upon the patient’s response to the treatment, and what is effective for one person may prove to be ineffective for others.

In addition to pain medication, Pain Management Doctors in Las Vegas are often able to use interventional procedures. This may include facet injections, medial branch blocks, epidural steroid injections and radiofrequency ablation. An individual may have pain Las Vegas pain managementcoming from the adjacent level seeing increased stress.

As a last resort, if there is not an indication for further surgery then a spinal cord stimulator implant may help considerably. The implant does not cure the problem causing pain, but it can comfortably mask the pain substantially. The device is low risk and implanted as an outpatient.

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