What Does Research Show on Spinal Cord Stimulators for Failed Back Surgery?

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Spinal cord stimulator implants have been very successful when it comes to treating chronic back pain with Las Vegas Pain Management Doctors. In fact, many patients will tell you that it has helped them regain their active lifestyles.  spinal cord stimulator Las Vegas

The stimulators are normally implanted in the back where they send electric impulses which interfere with pain signals. These impulses ideally prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain and instead of feeling pain, the patient feels vibrating sensations.

Various clinical studies have been conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the therapy and here is what they have revealed.

Clinical Outcomes of Spinal Cord Stimulators for Failed Back Surgery

A study conducted on patients who had already undergone back surgery with unsuccessful results showed that spinal cord stimulation relieved pain in 50 to 60 percent of the patients. This study demonstrated that there were significant positive results not only as far as pain was concerned, but also when it came to the general mood of the patient.

Spinal cord stimulation ultimately had positive effects on the patient’s quality of life. The pain levels in the patients who received a spinal cord stimulator reduced by about 50 Pain clinics in Las Vegaspercent and this was just in the first level of the trial. This just goes to show that better results could be achieved with continuous use of the spinal cord stimulator.

This study was conducted by nine hospitals and it included 43 patients. After 24 months of muscle stimulation, 60 percent pain relief was experienced and the success rate of the treatment rose to 74 percent. Strong evidence suggests that with early intervention, spinal stimulators could produce even better results when it comes to dealing with failed back surgery syndrome. It actually should be considered before re-operation.

Other studies also reveal that spinal cord stimulators may also be a cost effective approach to dealing with failed back surgery. Two studies have indicated that spinal cord stimulators are in fact more effective than conventional non-surgical procedures. Using spinal cord stimulators is not only highly effective; it could reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Further Studies on Spinal Cord Stimulation

Various studies have been conducted on spinal cord stimulation and the results have been Pain Management Las Vegasvery encouraging. The safety and effectiveness of the stimulators were the major subjects of these studies and a controlled trial conduced on 55 patients revealed that spinal cord stimulation could improve the general health of patients suffering from back pain.

Another study conducted on 70 patients also revealed that there were long term improvements with chronic back pain. The results showed that after a year using spinal cord stimulation, pain levels reduced greatly.

The major points that stand out with these studies are that:

  • Spinal cord stimulators can be an effective treatment for failed back surgery. The treatment is often more effective than repeat surgery. Also considering that repeat surgery is often a terrible idea and not indicated, a stimulator may be the best option.
  • Spinal cord stimulators are a cost effective treatment when it comes to treating failed back surgery.

Of course more research is still being conducted on the effect of spinal cord stimulation for failed back surgery and we can only expect more encouraging results.Las Vegas pain doctors

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