What to Expect with a Kyphoplasty at a Las Vegas Pain Center

by Nevada Pain

A kyphoplasty is an outpatient pain procedure that is designed to address the pain that occurs after a spinal compression fracture. This can be designed to restore height to the spine that is lost Las Vegas pain clinicsfollowing a compression fracture, or to add stability to the bone so that pain and limited range of motion can be reduced.

Kyphoplasty Procedure

A kyphoplasty will take around a half hour for each vertebra that is involved in the procedure. Patients may need to spend one day in the hospital following the procedure, but usually they can go home within a short time afterwards the same day.

  • During the procedure the Las Vegas Pain Management Doctor will make a small incision in the back to place a narrow tube. A fluoroscopy will be used to ensure that this tube is in the proper position, creating a guide back to the fractured area of the vertebrae that requires treatment.
  • X-ray images will be used to guide the doctor as he places a balloon into the tube and gently inflates it. This will elevate the fracture so the pieces are sitting in a position that they normally would have before the injury. This will also help to compact the inner bone to create a cavity within the damaged vertebrae.
  • The balloon is removed and in its place the Pain Management Doctor in Las Vegas will insert instruments that can fill the cavity created in the vertebrae with polymethylmethacrlate (PMMA). This is a cement-like mixture that will harden very quickly after it is injected into the body. It is designed to provide stability to the bone under low pressure.

Kyphoplasty Las VegasFollowing the procedure the patient will need to rest as the body recovers. You may not be able to drive or perform similar activities until the doctor signals that it is safe.

Recovering from a Kyphoplasty

After the procedure, patients may find that they need some form of pain medications for a few days. Some achieve pain relief right away while others report that symptoms are more likely to take hold around two days after the procedure. Those that have completed a kyphoplasty are encouraged to return to normal activities quickly, though they should not take on strenuous activities such as heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. Top pain clinic Las Vegas

Patients should receive treatment for osteoporosis to help prevent future fractures. There is a very high likelihood of additional fractures, so receiving medications for bone density can help..

In some cases a kyphoplasty can cause infection, blood loss, or allergic reaction. This is no different than any other Las Vegas pain management procedure. In rare cases, cement can extravasate from the vertebral body and cause a neurologic complication.

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